Clinical Practicum

DNAP 789 Nurse Anesthesia Professiona Practice emphasizes learning through advanced professional experiences in nurse anesthesia practice. During the practicum, doctoral students explore concepts specific to nurse anesthesia practice, competence and expertise, critical thinking, and reflection on and analysis of practice. The clnical practicum examines methods of determining best-evidence professional practices through identification of problems, review and systematic evaluation of current research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and consideration of economic and other factors that may impact patient outcomes.  The clinical practicum is 6 credit hours; credits for this course are taken throughout the curriculum depending on full- or part-time status.

 At the completion of the practicum, doctoral students are able to:

  1. Demonstrate clinical expertise in an area of nurse anesthesia practice
  2. Reflect on events that have shaped personal professional practice competency and expertise
  3. Analyze personal clinical practice for best practices and sentinel events
  4. Identify areas where interdisciplinary collaboration is useful
  5. Prepare a case study documenting a “best evidence” approach to management of a selected patient

This individually-designed clinical experience consists of 100 hours of practice per credit hour; this requirement is usually met through the doctoral student's current employment arrangement. Students demonstrate completion of the practicum requirements through development of a professional portfolio. The portfolio includes written case studies of clinical experiences that have significance for nurse anesthesia practice and other professional development materials.