Research at the VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia

The faculty at the VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia demonstrate a commitment to making patient safety real by contributing new knowledge to nurse anesthesia practices, advancing innovative education methods for graduate students and nurse anesthetists, and engaging with domestic and international partners in ways that promote understanding about educational issues, and health policies and practices around the world.

The ongoing research projects at the department has been listed below.

  • Nurse anesthesia education outreach in rural and medically underserved areas
  • Diversity in nurse anesthesia education and workforce
  • Compassionate care of transgender patients in the perioperative setting
  • Integration of implementation science in nurse anesthesia
  • Leading changes in complex systems
  • Ultrasound applications in anesthesia
  • Perioperative brain health
  • Pain assessment in nonverbal patients
  • International collaboration in nurse anesthesia education
  • Anesthesia crisis resource management simulation training

Figure: Theoretical Framework of Developing International Partnerships. From: Hu, J., Yang, Y., Fallacaro, M. D., Wands, B., Wright, S., Zhou, Y., & Ruan, H. (2019). Building an International Partnership to Develop Advanced Practice Nurses in Anesthesia Settings: Using a Theory-Driven Approach. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 30(5), 521–529.