Current Projects

Investigator Project Title
Biddle C. Stulce J. Exhaled breath analysis of free radical formation in home COPD users of oxygen.
Falyar C. Ultrasound guided determination of brachial artery blood flow in patients undergoing general anesthesia.
Falyar C. Traditional landmark versus ultrasoundguided identification of the brachial plexus.
Biddle C. Metaanalysis of vasopressor use in anesthetic practice.

Biddle C.
Aker J.
Block J.

Systematic review of cognitive effects of general anesthesia in the very young child.
Damico, N Analysis and reporting of adverse events in anesthesia: a national convenience sampling. The anesthesia e-nonymous database.

Grant Funding

Grant Funding Date and Amount
Promoting Patient-Centered Care for Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Practical Plan for Interprofessional Collaboration in Graduate Nurse Anesthesia Education, Submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services Funded July 1, 2013, $353,945.00 (year 1 funding of 3 year $729,285.00 project)
Southwest Virginia Higher Educational Center: VCU Nurse Anesthesia Expansion Educational Agreement January 2012, $85,000.00
Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships. Department of Health and Human Services July 2011, $29,231.00
July 2010, $27,488.00
July 2009, $30,210.00
Advanced Education Nursing Grant: "The Rural Nurse Anesthesia Education Project," Department of Health and Human Services, July 1, 2009. Total award $712,376.00