Research Interests

Investigator Research Interests
Chuck Biddle
  • Cognitive changes related to anesthesia and surgery
  • Cerebral tissue oxygenation in anesthesia & surgical positioning
  • Obstructive sleep apnea:postoperative physiology in ambulatory cases
  • Latent hazards in intraoperative communication
  • Residual neuromuscular blockade: observational propensity scoring
Nicole Damico
  • Patient safety
  • Critical incident reporting
  • Technology enhanced educational strategies
  • Perioperative mechanical ventilation
Thomas Corey Davis
  • Patient Safety
  • Human Simulation
  • Anesthesia Recordkeeping / Informatics
  • Adult Education
Michael D. Fallacaro
  • Anesthesia delivery in medically underserved areas
  • Human factors and patient safety
  • Distance learning / International anesthesia education
Christian R. Falyar
  • Patient safety
  • Ultrasound-assisted procedures
  • Regional Anesthesia"